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The Hague film Festival. The festival started in  2018 and have been growing exponentially every year. The vision behind the festival is to highlight film artist and celebrate upcoming talents as well as established makers in different categories. 

Louwman Musuem

Leidsestraatweg 57,
2594 BB Den Haag


The Hague Film Festival welcomes new ideas and would love to work with any organization that shares interest in the film, media arts and entertainment industry.

We offer different partnership plans according to the level of involvement a partner wishes to have in the festival. Like “Principal Partner” is the premium sponsorship category we offer. It comes with the widest possible range of sponsorship benefits and extensive access to a variety of festival areas and events.

Logos of Principle Partners’ brands are part of almost all official festival publications and branding, including, amongst others, printed material, posters, the festival trailer and the press conference backdrop. “Co- Partner” is the basic sponsorship category. It comes with a valuable choice of sponsorship benefits and an attractive number of seats at competition premieres and events.

Logos of Third Partners’ brands are part of a number of official festival publications, including, amongst others, the sponsors insert, the acknowledgement ad and the THFF website. The incentive & hospitality package includes invitations to the filmgala and the award ceremony as well as a range of tickets to competition premieres.

There is also the possibility of additional marketing activities beside your sponsorship commitment, since partners of the festival are granted exclusive advertising and promotional rights not available to companies outside the circle of sponsors. A number of Co-partners have demonstrated a long-term sponsorship commitment, but this level is also suitable for companies who wish to get to know the festival’s sponsorship opportunities.

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Volunteer for the Hague Film Festival Want to join us?

Volunteering for the Hague Film festival is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Every year, volunteers (most of whom return year after year) help create a global platform to celebrate film * new media. We’re looking for volunteers to assist in online and in-person aspects of the Festival. The real benefit of volunteering isn’t the perks or even the films—it’s being part of a passionate community.

To apply or for info about volunteering please send an email to or